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About Graden Industries

A Family owned Business
Graden Industries is a family owned business that started out life as Graden Engineering in 1986 in the northern Melbourne suburb of Coburg. Owned by Graham and Clare Dryden, the business grew steadily and in 1989 a larger factory was built in Campbellfield.

Graden entered the turf machinery business in the late 80ís with the development of a specialised turf roller for cricket wickets and a walk behind scarifier that evolved into the GS03 model. Over the years Graden produced a number of different machines, but it was the GS03 Scarifier that stood out.

Graden Turf Machinery
In 1993 Graden formed Graden Turf Machinery Pty Ltd as a marketing arm for the turf machinery manufactured by Graden Engineering. In 1994, in an effort to increase our presence in the Australian market, Graden started to produce ride-on and walk-behind mowers with some success.

However several drought years in Australia through the 1990ís made this a difficult market to survive in. Fortunately for Graden things were beginning to look more promising with the scarifier machinery.

In October 1994 Graden launched a new tractor-mounted version of the successful GS03 (walk behind) Scarifier. Called the Swing Wing Scarifier, the machine met with immediate success. Graden exhibited at various overseas trade shows during the 90ís and had some success with exports to Asia.

JDS International
Graden were fortunate to form a relationship with Jol Sweetland of JDS International during this time and Jol has represented Graden in the Asian region ever since. Jolís years of experience in Asia have made him an invaluable asset to Graden as a distributor and advisor on exporting our turf equipment.

Realising that the export potential of the machines was very important for the future of Graden, Graham and Clare pursued other export opportunities. In 1996 Graden exhibited at the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America show in Orlando. The interest generated encouraged Graden to return to the show the following year in Las Vegas.

It was from this show that Graden was able to set up a distributor for North and South Carolina in 1997. The following year a further four distributors were appointed in North America.

In 1998 and 1999 the export market grew steadily. During this time the GS03 Scarifier was updated and improved and became the GS04 Verticutter/Scarifier (still in production today). In 2000 Graden designed a new mower from the ground up for the Australian market.

The Mighty Compak, as it became known, was a zero-turn ride-on mower designed for the tough Australian conditions and it quickly built up a good reputation and continues to sell well in the Australian market today.

Graden Engineering and Graden Turf Machinery
become Graden Industries
Also during 2000 Graden had a corporate re-structure and transformed from Graden Engineering and Graden Turf Machinery into one all encompassing company named Graden Industries.

R&K Kensett
Also at this time a new representative named Keith Kensett of R&K Kensett was appointed in England. R&K Kensett now represents Graden products in the entire European market as well as the Middle East.

Since the start of the new millennium Gradens design team have been extremely busy with several new machines being brought to market. These include an updated version of the Swing-Wing Verticutter, a new tractor mounted verticutter called the GBS-1200, a couple of new mower designs as well as the revolutionary Contour Sand Injection Verticutter.

In early 2005 Graden added two new golf greens rollers; the GSR-1000 and GSR-1200 to its stable. And late in 2005 the new Suburban mower was launched and has been Gradens fastest selling mower to date in the Australian market.

USA Market
Over the years our exports to the USA market increased and it became apparent that opening an office in the USA would be beneficial for our growing list of Graden customers. So in 2004 Graden USA was born and Michael Dryden, Graham and Clareís son, made the big leap over the Pacific Ocean and based himself in Richmond, Virginia.

Sports Turf Services
The business continued to grow and in 2005 a new company called Sports Turf Services was set up by Jock Eddington on the west coast of America. Jockís years of experience representing Graden products in Scotland make him the ideal man to look after such an operation. Between Graden USA (east coast) and Sports Turf Services (west coast) the American market has been split east and west to improve service to our American customers.

Being a small dynamic company enables Graden to bring new products to market faster than our competitors. Our ongoing research and development in conjunction with our distributors around the world gives us a real advantage and helps keep us at the forefront of the aerification, rolling and zero-turn mowing industries.

With some exciting new projects currently underway, Graden are definitely the company to watch for innovations in the fine turf industry.
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